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From fan of podcasts to producer of podcasts. As an avid fan of podcasts, a little bit of research led Paul to realize podcasting is relatively cheap and easy to get into. He bought a Radio Shack mic and just started talking. He tried all sorts of different themes including socio-political issues and soccer before figuring out how to be authentic and entertaining. This led to his first fictional podcast. Now 6 years later he has 3 fiction podcasts, 2 more in the making and a podcast about writing.

  • How Paul got started in podcasting
  • The journey and failures that got him to the podcasts he has now
  • How Paul’s podcast Diary of a Madman came about
  • Utilizing your downtime and finding a niche by experimenting
  • How Diary of a Madman has developed to include other writers for the next few seasons
  • Editing episode by episode versus editing the whole season
  • How to smartly invest your energy when trying to grow your audience
  • Why Paul created the Fate Crafters network
  • The advantages of belonging to a podcast network


Paul’s Website:


Paul’s Podcasts:

Subject: Found – http://www.paulsating.com/subject-found

Diary Of A Madman – http://www.paulsating.com/diary-of-a-madman

Athiest Apocolypse – http://www.paulsating.com/atheist-apocalypse

Who Killed Julie? – http://www.paulsating.com/who-killed-julie

Horrible Writing – http://www.paulsating.com/horrible-writing


Fate Crafters  Podcast Network