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507: Narrative Podcasting with Paul Sating

From fan of podcasts to producer of podcasts. As an avid fan of podcasts, a little bit of research led Paul to realize podcasting is relatively cheap and easy to get into. He bought a Radio Shack mic and just started talking. He tried all sorts of different themes...

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506: Podcasting in the Wild with Amanda Doughty

Amanda Doughty from the Great Beer Adventure Podcast. Amanda’s podcasting journey Amanda has just reached her 2nd podcast anniversary for her current show, Great Beer Adventure. However, it was nearly 3 years ago that she started looking at podcasting. She was a...

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505: The Power of a Strong Niche with Glenn Hebert

I’m doing some rebranding with this podcast. I’m changing the name from Creative Studio: podcasting experiments to Podcasting Experiments from the Creative Studio. Right now, I’m just announcing it here in the audio, but in the next episode or two, you’ll see some...

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