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With our Gold Package (details below), Podcast Guy Media, LLC, can take care of all of the post-production for your podcast episodes. All you have to do is record and send it to us. We will make sure that the episode is edited to level out the audio levels (adhering to the latest loudness standards), make the conversation flow without the stammering and fillers, create a blog post style show notes to accompany the audio, and deliver it back to you or your media host.

    With the time you save, you can focus on other, more important things, like content planning and preparation, monetization strategies, or just spend time with your family (you remember your family, right?).


    All production services include:

    Audio processing

    You hate it when you’re watching your favorite show and you have to keep adjusting the volume between the quiet and loud parts. All audio will be processed through advanced filters, such as: compression, EQ, loudness normalization, and noise and hum reduction. All finalized audio will be converted to a high quality MP3 file (for podcast distribution).

    MP3 tagging

    If you’ve ever lost a pet, you understand the importance of having them tagged so that they can be identified. Your audio file also needs to be tagged so that when someone downloads it, all necessary information will be there. All files will be tagged with the podcast title, the episode title, the author (podcaster) name(s), copyright year, and episode number. A description of the episode can also be included.

    MP3 delivery

    It wouldn’t be very useful if you sent your podcast to be processed but never got it back, would it? After the file is completed, it will be delivered one of three ways: Google Drive, Dropbox, or right to your media host. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to notify you of its completion.

    Silver Package

    $500 value
    • Simple editing
    • Basic show notes
    • Episodic graphics
    • International podcast reviews
    • Monthly strategy session (30 min)

    Diamond Package

    $1300 value
    • Professional editing
    • Pro show notes
    • Episodic graphics
    • International podcast reviews
    • Regular strategy sessions (2 hours, 2 1-hour, or 4 30-min)
    • Guest booking
    • Content scheduling

    *The editing services included above (both for Simple and Pro editing) include episodes that are 25-50 minutes of raw audio. If your average episode is less than 25 minutes or longer than 50 minutes, we can modify the packages accordingly.

    Custom Packages

    Are you looking for multiple services, but the above packages don’t quite fit? Like you want Pro editing, but only the Basic Show Notes and no graphic. No problem! We will work with you to create the perfect package for your needs. And each package can be adjusted as your show grows and changes.

    A la Carte Services

    Simple Editing

    $1.50/minute of raw audio

    Basic audio editing and processing.

    Pro Editing

    $2.50/minute of raw audio

    Detailed audio editing to make the podcast sound polished and professional.

    Basic Show Notes


    1-2 intro paragraphs and a bullet-point list of the discussion topics

    Pro Show Notes


    Detailed summary of all main points/topics discussed plus 3-5 Tweetable quotes.

    Episodic Graphic


    A custom graphic for each episode. Can be used for show notes, social media, ID3 tags, etc.

    Guest Booking and Content Scheduling


    Assistance with contacting and scheduling guests for your podcast. You will also get assistance with creating and maintaining a podcast content schedule. This will also include two 30-minute calls each month to discuss potential guests and content ideas.

    One-on-One Help

    If you are needing one-on-one podcast strategy session (consulting), there are options available for that, too! Whether you need a one-time session or on-going support, we’re here for you!

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