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At Podcast Guy Media, LLC, we strive to provide high quality podcast production for our clients. To achieve this, we have to add team members from time to time. Below, you’ll see the positions we’re currently looking for. If you are absolutely passionate about the podcasting industry and are interested in the positions below, simply fill out the application to be considered.

Content Writer

Job description (overall summary of the position):

The Content Writer will be responsible for the content writing needed for both internal and external needs. This includes:

  • Show notes for clients
  • Show notes and blog posts for Podcast Guy Media
  • Creation of and/or compiling of resources (i.e. documents via web or PDF)
  • Other written content needs for the business

Key Results Areas (specific areas to measure that you’re doing great):

  • Follow the specs for each project/client.
  • Attention to spelling/grammar/links is important.
  • Timely delivery of each project so that project timelines can be kept and be delivered to clients on time.

Responsibilities (summary of regular duties):

  • The primary of the Content Writer will be writing show notes for our clients. We offer two levels of show notes:
    • Simple show notes: this is comprised of an introductory paragraph or two, 7-10 bullet points regarding the main content of the episode, and then relevant links (checked and hyperlinked).
    • Pro show notes: this is comprised of an introductory paragraph or two, a written summary of each main point (i.e. a paragraph about each of the 7 bullet points), relevant links (checked and hyperlinked), and 3-5 Tweetable quotes.
    • Your duty will be to listen through each episode and take the notes, ensuring accuracy of names, companies, websites, etc.
  • For blog posts, articles, PDF’s, and other content that will be from the company to clients/perspective clients, you will work with the CEO to create the content. All this content will be related to the podcast industry as it would relate to our clients or perspective clients. This process will refined in the future as specific needs arise, but generally here is the process we’ll start with:
    • The CEO will provide an outline for the content. This may be a bullet point list or could contain more drawn out ideas.
    • You will take the outline and expand on it, using other resources (websites, podcasts, books, etc.) as needed.
    • Organize the ideas into a logical flow and trim non-essential content (we don’t need to add unnecessary fluff just to make a longer article).
    • Using SEO tools, make sure relevant search terms are used appropriately (not spammy or awkward).
    • Present to the CEO for review.
    • Make adjustments as needed.
    • Publish in the appropriate place (website, social media, etc.).
  • You don’t have to be an expert on everything in the podcasting industry, but you will need a good understand of the basics as well as know how to find the information. This may also involve connecting with others in the podcasting industry. In these cases, you and/or the CEO will reach out to others for information or even interviews to gain information.

Who we’re looking for:

  • Someone that loves podcasts and the podcasting industry. You want to do your part in improving the podcasting industry by helping podcasters provide high quality content.
  • Someone that thrives on organization. Everything has a place and everything must be in its place.
  • Someone that gives attention to details. You have to make sure that everything gets checked off the list.
  • Someone that loves technology. You really enjoy learning new programs and apps to make things better or easier.
  • Someone that is already familiar with the apps we use, like Asana, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.
  • Someone that makes mistakes, but learns from them. You’re not perfect, and you’ll admit it; but you try even harder to avoid that mistake again.
  • Proficiency in English is important since a critical part of this position requires detailed attention to the content.

What we value at Podcast Guy Media, LLC:

  • Integrity – be honest. Always. If you make a mistake, own up to it.
  • Quality workmanship – we want to deliver high quality for our clients, and constantly strive to raise the bar.
  • Prompt delivery – publishing on schedule is important for podcasters, so we want to make sure that our clients can do just that.
  • Working in your strengths – not just what you’re good at. You will love what you do and deliver better work when you work in your strengths.
  • Education – we have an attitude of always trying to learn more to expand our knowledge and sharpen our skills.


  • This is a project-based position (at least for now).
  • For show notes, you will get paid for each podcast episode that you handle, each of which should take 1 hour or less (from start to finish). Starting pay is $20 for simple show notes; $40 for pro show notes.
  • Blog posts, articles, and other written content projects will be evaluated on a per project basis and a price will be agreed upon based on the work needed for each one (since some will be more work/research than others).

If you are chosen to fill this role, it will start as a probationary position. We will establish checkpoints to ensure that you are on track for hitting the goals and accomplishing the Key Results Areas.

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