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Thank you for coming here from The Messengers! Take a look at what the Podcast Guy Media team can do to help you. Scroll down to see a special offer just for you!

Do you want to take your podcast to the next level, but you just don’t have the time to make it happen?

Is your time stretched to the max, and you’re struggling to get your podcast episode out?

Do you need help just getting started?


Podcast Guy Media will help you improve the quality of your podcast, making it more appealing to your audience and potential listeners.


Podcast Guy Media will work with you to simplify your podcasting process.


Podcast Guy Media will take things off of your plate so you can focus on the things that only you can do – and the things you really want to do.

I would absolutely recommend that anybody else who needs just a phenomenal job of post production, but also needs some very innovative ways to take time off your hands and provide additional value to you, you gotta go with this guy.

Scott Barlow

Happen To Your Career

With the experience of Podcast Guy Media, I can bring some great outside perspective to make improvements to your podcast. Even if you don’t hire me specifically for podcast consulting, I will just naturally notice things as I produce your podcast.

3,000+ hours

3,000+ hours of listening to podcasts – this means that I have heard a LOT of things that can help YOU improve your podcast!

Several podcast launches

Starting 5+ different podcasts of my own – this means that I’ve been through the podcast launch process many times. I’ve also helped several others launch their podcasts. This gives you the advantage of avoiding some of the common mistakes!

250+ episodes

Producing 250+ episodes of my own podcasts – I have produced over 250 episodes on my own podcasts since 2013. You will have peace of mind knowing that I’ve been through this process and will be with you through it all.

150+ episodes

Producing 150+ episodes for clients – and this number is growing weekly! You will have access to my rapidly advancing skills, helping you to make incremental improvements in your podcast.

I will take care of all of the post-production for your podcast episodes. All you have to do is record and send it to me. I will make sure that the episode is edited to level out the audio levels (adhering to the latest loudness standards), make the conversation flow without the stammering and fillers, and deliver it back to you or your media host. I can optionally create a new podcast episode on your WordPress website, create show notes for the episode, and schedule it to be released according to your schedule. This will provide a great new level of quality for your audience.

With the time you save, you can focus on other, more important things, like podcast planning and preparation, monetization strategies, or just spend time with your family.

Production Services

All production services include:

Audio processing

You hate it when you’re watching your favorite show and you have to keep adjusting the volume between the quiet and loud parts. All audio will be processed through advanced filters, such as: adaptive leveling, loudness normalization, and noise and hum reduction. All finalized audio will be converted to a high quality MP3 file (for podcast distribution).

MP3 tagging

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you understand the importance of having them tagged so that they can be identified. Your audio file also needs to be tagged so that when someone downloads it, all necessary information will be there. All files will be tagged with the podcast title, the episode title, the author (podcaster) name(s), copyright year, and episode number. A description of the episode can also be included.

MP3 delivery

It wouldn’t be very useful if you sent your podcast to be processed but never got it back, would it? After the file is completed, it will be delivered one of three ways: Google Drive, Dropbox, or right to your media host. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to notify you of its completion.

This is a basic editing service. You either don’t mind a few mistakes, are going for a “conversational style,” or your budget can’t find room for more. No matter your reason, you just want it to flow nicely without major stumbles or gaps of silence.

This editing creates a professional finish to your podcast. Not only do you want the major stumbles and gaps removed, but you also want filler words (ums, ahs, you knows, etc.) and “restarts” removed to provide a distraction-free listening experience.

This service goes beyond straight editing. You’re creating a narrative, journalistic, or similar style podcast, and you need help with the process, including flushing out ideas, researching, interviews, recording, voicing, transcribing, and editing.

Coaching Services

The Creative Studio is a podcast that began by looking at online content creation, but has become the place where you can learn and experiment with podcasting. Season 3 teaches general podcasting production. Season 4 delves into the world of narrative podcasting.

Listen now!

If you are looking for help or guidance to improve your podcast, one-on-one coaching will help you gain the insight to make the next vital steps. Coaching sessions can be a one-time call or can be an on-going relationship. Rates begin at $100/hour.

Get help now!

This course will have two paths: self-direction and group training. The self-directed course will allow you to work through the material at your own pace and have coaching calls. The group training will be structured with both group calls and one-on-one coaching during the time of the course.

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I would absolutely recommend that anybody else who needs just a phenomenal job of post production, but also needs some very innovative ways to take time off your hands and provide additional value to you, you gotta go with this guy.

Scott Barlow

Happen To Your Career

Special Offer For You!

Just for you for coming via the Messengers, you can receive your second month of audio editing for 50%. Just mention this when you contact me, and I’ll make sure it happens!