Podcasting Made Simple

Start Your Podcast in Two Weeks
This mini-course is 6 lessons to give you the information, direction, and confidence to start your podcast.

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Podcast Formats

Lesson 3: Podcasting Technology

Lesson 4: Podcast and Website Hosting

Lesson 5: Podcasting Workflow

Lesson 6: Publishing and Promoting Your Podcast

What to Expect

When you sign up for this mini-course, you will receive a series of e-mails over the next two weeks, each one bringing you a new lesson on how to podcast.

Each lesson will have a short lesson, related resources, and action steps for you to take before the next lesson.

The Pacing

While this is designed to walk you through the lessons in two weeks, you are under no obligation to keep that pace.

You may be busy and need to stretch it out to a month. That’s fine – the lessons won’t disappear. And they’ll be available for future reference as well.

Alternatively, you may have some time dedicated to go through everything over a weekend. In each e-mail, you’ll have the links available to all the lessons so you can speed up the process even more.

Need Support?

It may be possible that all of your questions aren’t answered in the given lessons. This course is meant to be an overview of what you need, but it can’t address every possible scenario. All you need to do is reply to one of the e-mails in the series and ask your question!

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