Podcasting Made Simple

Start Your Podcast in Two Weeks

Lesson 6: Publishing Your Podcast


You’ve recorded your first podcast episode and now you’re ready to share it with the world.

The process to publish your episode is fairly simple.

Add the ID3 tags

There are several ways to add the ID3 tags. Some people use iTunes to add them. Others are able to use their audio editing software to add them. Some add them while uploading the audio to their media host. I personally use ID3 Editor, and it’s really simple.

You’ll need to add the infomation like the episode number, the episode title, the author (might be labeled as ‘artist’), the podcast name (might be labeled as ‘album’) and a smaller version of the podcast artwork. Other optional data would be copyright and show notes.

Upload to the media host

Whether you use Libsyn, Blubrry, or one of the other media hosts, you’ll need to upload your audio and add the episode information.

Depending on which host you are using the process will be a little different, but essentially, you’ll need to enter all the podcast information you did for the ID3 tags. Some media hosts are able to add this information from the ID3 tags, otherwise you’ll need to add the information yourself (usually just copy/paste).

You can either publish it right away or you can schedule it to release at a later date (good for maintaing a consistent publishing schedule).

As you are entering your podcast’s information, keep in mind that, while you want to maximize your SEO advantages, you want to avoid bad practices that have gotten others kicked out of the Apple directory (check out this article for more information).

Promote your podcast

Take this time to promote your podcast. There are various tactics you can use via social media, email, etc. (again, avoid any black hat tactics).

Some podcasters seem to live by the mantra, “Build it and they will come.” Podcasting doesn’t usually work that way. Most podcasts don’t grow by people finding them – they grow by word of mouth (i.e. people hear about it, sometimes by the podcaster, but usually by listeners sharing it).

This was a short overview of how to start a podcast. It doesn’t include everything you could come across, so if you need additional support, I would be happy to help you. Simply schedule a time to talk, and we’ll see how I can best help you.