Depending on your needs, Podcast Guy Media, LLC, can take care of all of the post-production for your podcast episodes. All you have to do is record and send it to us. We will make sure that the episode is edited to level out the audio levels (adhering to the latest loudness standards), make the conversation flow without the stammering and fillers, create a blog post style show notes to accompany the audio, and deliver it back to you or your media host. You’ll also get a 30-minute strategy session each month to discuss ways to continually improve your podcast.

With the time you save, you can focus on other, more important things, like content planning and preparation, monetization strategies, or just spending time with your family (you remember your family, right?).



Production Packages 

A la Carte Services

Many people are looking for help in just a specific area. If this is you, here are the 3 most common services we provide:

*Editing Standards

We remove as much background noise as possible, without making the audio sound chirpy or as if it’s underwater.  This means that sometimes we need to leave some background noise in:

  • clicks, static, hums, plosives, mic rumble, lip smacks
  • heavy breaths
  • echo/reverb
  • sirens, phone dings, or other similar background noises

It is also our policy that, while we aim to remove the ums and other crutch phases, our main goal is to make the audio sound professional and easy to listen to. We strive to have every edit be invisible (no one should listen and know we were there). This means that some ums, crutch phrases, a stumbles may be left in so it sounds natural.

The editing packages included above are for episodes that are 25-55 minutes of raw audio.

If your average episode is less than 25 minutes or longer than 55 minutes, we can create a custom package for you.

One-on-One Help

If you are needing one-on-one podcast strategy session (coaching/consulting), there are options available for that, too! Whether you need a one-time session or on-going support, we’re here for you!

If you are receiving any other service from Podcast Guy Media, you qualify for special coaching rates.

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