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Over 69 million people listen to podcasts every week.

Your community wants content from YOU, but right now they are listening to someone else.

When you launch your podcast, you would be able to engage your audience in a personal and intimate way (you’re literally in their heads).

But it takes time, energy, and a unique skillset to create a GREAT podcast that really reaches your ideal customer.


Instead of spending hours of time and energy mastering podcast production…

Partner with a professional, and get the peace of mind knowing your podcast is in good hands with a professional podcast manager (with over 400 personal episodes published since 2013 and edited 2,500+ episodes for clients).

Podcast Production Packages

to help you where you are

Are you looking for a partnership and full podcast management…

(then keep scrolling)

Launch Package

Get all the help and resources you need to go from nothing to a published podcast in Apple and Spotify (and the other places) with a work-with-you approach.

$1,500 One Time

  • Create a launch plan
  • Identify the best equipment for you
  • Create professional podcast artwork
  • Create podcast intro and outro
  • Create a content plan
  • Complete production of the first episode
  • Setup your media hosting and a podcast page on your website

Silver Package

If all you need is audio editing, we can still take great care of you! We'll make sure your is professionally edited, mixed, and mastered to reach your target audience.

$170/episode or $600/month

What You Get:

  • Weekly episodes (up to 5/month)
  • Professional editing
  • mp3 delivered back to you
  • Discount on strategy sessions

Gold Package

Don't need full post-production? You'll get a polished episode and show notes to deliver your message to your audience.


What You Get:

  • Everything in the audio editing package, plus...
  • Create and manage organization system
  • Write basic show notes

Platinum Package

This covers all your post-production needs. You send us the recordings, and we'll take care of the rest so you can continue to focus on the creative pieces and interacting with your audience.


What You Get:

  • Everything in the Gold Package, plus...
  • Write blog post & email copy
  • Create episodic graphics
  • Upload/Schedule podcast, blog post, and social media
  • Monthly strategy session

The pricing listed above is based on a weekly show that is between 25 and 50 minutes each. Ask for special pricing for anything outside this range.

I would absolutely recommend that anybody else who needs just a phenomenal job of post production, but also needs some very innovative ways to take time off your hands and provide additional value to you, you gotta go with this guy.

Scott Barlow

Happen To Your Career (client for 5+ years)

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