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In this session, Joel and Dr. Pei from The Relaunch Show join us to share their experience with radio and podcasting.

Joel and Dr. Pei talk to entrepreneurs about relaunching and podcasting (1-18)

Joel has a history with radio and television. Back in  2006, he started a radio show, Finding Your Voice. He also has a book with the same name.  The next step for them was The Relaunch Show.

Joel and Dr. Pei - The Relaunch ShowAs they started, they didn’t know what they needed to do or have the equipment necessary. They emphasize not to let that stop you from starting. Learn as you go.

“Get it done, then get it right.”

What are some tips for people just getting started (specifically for podcasting)?

  1. Learn to respect your listener’s time.
  2. Choose the right topic – not just what you know, but something that gets you excited.
  3. The listener has the power, so you need to speak to that listener.

Are there any great lessons that you’ve gleaned from the many interviews you’ve had on Relaunch?

  • Don’t second guess yourself. Trust yourself. Move forward anyways.
  • Fail fast. Fail often.

Final Thoughts

We have a responsibility to take action as it relates to us in our careers, family, and spiritually.


In the interview, Joel referenced Indiana Jones. Here’s a clip of that scene:

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