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csa_podcast_1600Over the past 3 months, we have covered several things regarding content creation. From blogging to podcasting, websites to marketing. Further below, you’ll be able see the list of the 20 sessions so far.

With that, we will be having a short break. We’ll come back mid-November with the second semester.

There are a couple things I’d like to modify:

  • Narrowing the focus for the semester
  • Regular blog posts
  • Improved newsletter
  • eBook about website basics (middle of writing it now)
  • Homework assignments (more engagement)

Homework – What I need from you:

  • Help spreading the podcast via social media (links below!) and iTunes reviews
  • Your questions, comments, and other feedback

Please let me know what you would like to see and hear from me. I would love to have a segment where I can answer questions that you may have about content creation. Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

Semester 1 Podcast Sessions:

1-1 I’m an impostor
1-2 You need more than a quality website; what is content creation?
1-3 Mark Sieverkropp share the benefits and struggles of content creation
1-4 5 key components for your website
1-5 Greg Hickman discusses the importance of a mobile-mindset
1-6 Jared Easley shares his researching and interviewing tips
1-7 Daniel J. Lewis shares how to overcome assumptions
1-8 Matt McWilliams talks about his principles for networking
1-9 Jim Woods talks about his process and tips for creating content
1-10 Doc Kennedy shares his experience creating videos
1-11 Dustin Hartzler help us dive deeper into WordPress
1-12 Leslie Samuel gives practical tips to take your blog to the next level
1-13 10 key things to make your website better
1-14 Online marketing tips from Joel Fortner
1-15 Podcasting tips from Dave Jackson
1-16 Dave Stachowiak shares some online leadership principles
1-17 Collaborative projects with Jim Woods and Erik J. Fisher
1-18 Joel and Dr. Pei talk to entrepreneurs about Relaunching and podcasting
1-19 Diving into eLearning and online training with Jeff Long
1-20 When to quit a creative project with Alex Barker