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csa1-3_postMark Sieverkropp has been a friend and co-host on another podcast. He started off blogging a few years ago, with topics such as soccer, leadership, and now more on networking. He has also written the e-book, “Project:Success.” He has also been the co-host of the Happen to Your Career podcast, which including doing some video as well. You can connect with him on his website or on Twitter.

How does Mark keep his determination and dedication while pursuing his dream and creating content?

  • One thing that is nice, is that you can do it whenever you want. Mark likes to do it early in the morning before starting his regular job.
  • Find and work with people that help fuel your passion. There are so many people that are creating content, that it’s easier to find people that are passionate about the same things you are passionate about.

Mark shares some things about his e-book, “Project: Success

  • Defining things as a project helps by having a deadline. It also helps by changing your view of it, and failure doesn’t seem so bad.
  • For example, instead of starting a podcast with no end in sight, determine to go 15 episodes and go from there.
  • Mark’s book was an inspiration for this site and podcast, in that I started calling this a project.
  • Most of our problems are mental.
  • Realize that things have a beginning. And they have an end.
  • It helps you to get past the mental road blocks.

Successes and Benefits from Mark’s perspective

  • Mark lives in a small town, but he’s been able to meet and develop relationships with people all over the country and world. These would never have been possible without creating content online.
  • Blogging has helped Mark to focus and crystalize his thoughts. He can now write much easier and faster. Blogging has also helped him to prepare for speeches and oral communication.
  • He’s always wanted to be involved in business training, and online content creation has helped him to open doors in that area.

What are some of the struggles and failures that Mark has had?

  • Creating content online has both positives and negatives. If you’re not intentional, it’s easy to lose your motivation or do it alone.
  • It’s easy to focus on yourself and your own passions. You need to focus on your audience!
  • Thinking that it’s different than “regular” life. It’s all still about relationships and developing them.
Mark Sieverkropp, Happen to Your Career

Mark Sieverkropp, Happen to Your Career

How do you find out what your audience wants?

  • After a while, Mark and Scott (Happen to Your Career podcast) reached out to the audience and asked them for feedback.

Final words of wisdom from Mark

  • Just get started.
  • Start small, and learn from there.

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