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You would like to get a better recording. And you don’t want it to take forever.

One thing you can do is learn to make improvements while you are recording. Last week, we talked about some things we can do before we record (preparation part of podcasting workflow). I have 15 tips to help during the recording process.

This week we also have Bill Conrad from New Media Gold. He has recorded in many different environment and experimented with a bunch of different things. He shares some great insights and tips for podcasters.



Tips for better recording

  1. Drink water
  2. Use chap stick/lip balm
  3. Breathe in through your nose
  4. Speak over your mic
  5. Use a pop filter and windscreen
  6. Get close to the microphone
  7. Turn up the gain only as much as needed
  8. Room with soft features
  9. Try to get children and pets away from your recording room
  10. Gently instruct them on being quieter
  11. Turn phone and notifications off
  12. Mute computer sounds if possible
  13. Have microphone on a different surface than computer
  14. Get comfortable with silence
  15. Make note of spots to make corrections