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Eric started podcasting in his senior year of college. Inspired by a conversation in a Facebook group, he researched the idea. Once he had figured out how to do it, he was persuaded to just do it. He was joined by Justin and although the audio was terrible, they got the first one out. Now 9 years later they have 6 podcasts and have branched into experimenting with narrative podcasts.

  • How Eric got into podcasting 9 years ago
  • How Justin’s story intertwines
  • The moment they decided to take podcasting seriously and create the current iteration of Three Fifs Podcast
  • How they started Rolling 12s, a narrative podcast of a tabletop roleplay of Vampire the Requium and how it has evolved
  • The practicalities of recording the Rolling 12s podcast
  • Where they get their music from
  • Their experience of ¬†creating a narrative from scratch
  • How having live players that can do anything, challenges telling the narrative

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