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While creating impact of your blogging you need to be creative, regular and should follow various styles of writing. Else, there are so many bloggers currently that your identity will get lost in the crowd.

By HurwiczRocks (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By HurwiczRocks (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s not easy to be bringing out creative blog every time!  As everyone asks for! You will find some similar stuff on Internet. So what is the solution? Solution lies within you. Yes, come let’s explore:

1. You are Unaware about the most wonderful person called “Me”: when you don’t know yourself you will never be able to make out what you really want from life. You have your dreams but does your heart also wants to do the same.  So, let’s say everyone is into blogging these days so you also started blogging, but is it really your passion. Can you actually do blogging? Secondly, everyone says write about topics which are most searched for, but are you a tech savvy? Do you have that knowledge in you? I say write where you are an expert, weather its healthcare, transportation, shipping any unheard subject. Blog about that because you know about that thing and everything will come from heart. It will be heard. In fact there you have lesser competition.

2. Busy schedule: In the world of blogging you need to establish yourself, with this aim we tent to take a lot of work. While you get lost in the assignment deadlines and rewriting, somewhere you are missing out on your “self-space”.  You are creative, but how will you explore new ideas? Only when you are connected with yourself. When will you be connected with self when you have time to do so! Try delegate work; develop your second line that will do the tasks. And you can focus on your creativity

3. Smooth sailing life: When everything is going smooth, we tend to become lazy, to be our best every time we have to be on our toes. So to remain active and innovative, we need a reason and sometimes it’s the hardships of life or small hurdles and these constraints keep the spark alive in us.

4. Selfheal and meditation: Meditation is not only required to connect to god it is also required to connect with self. When we are calm, quiet then we can have great ideas, which can be converted into creative work. I have experienced it myself.

5. Observant: Remain calm and observe people, their behavior and life story. You are tend to get inspire from them. This inspiration will help you in developing original content.

6. Let your pen speak: Rather than letting everyone about your idea. Pen down it, first and publish then speak about it.

7. De-stress yourself: Yes I agree we have deadlines and it gets onto our head and sometimes we are unable to produce a right kind of article/blog due to this pressure to excel every time. Speak about it with your client that, I have not been able to get significant idea, can we postpone the release for some days. You can tell them about your nature in advance writers are also like artists, when they are in mood they can write many things in one go. Sometimes nothing goes well while writing. So best is to talk about it and tell them what they want quality or time? Act accordingly rather than taking stress.

8. Positivity: It’s easy to get depressed and feel wipeout under pressure and in competitive conditions. But you can only win if you can challenge the obstacles. Be positive, things will happen. Always remember, Rome was not build in one day!

9. Money: many of the bloggers are after money these days. If you really want to make big, it is important that you write from heart. Money will follow you. Based on the work that you have been doing, people will connect with you. Assignments will come your way. Waiting to write only when you will be paid. It is a wrong approach. Maintain your own blog, where you can showcase your work.

10. Blogging is an industry in itself now, where people are employed and they can enjoy their time and work as per their own wish. If you are creative enough then go ahead and I can assure you will success definitely. All that you have to do is to write, develop network with right people, seek guidance and publicize your work. Rest things will fall in place.


NidhiBehlNidhi Behl is a freelance Copy Editor. She is working on vivid assignments as a freelancer and loves to blog. In past she has written about travel, expatriate, self-healing, US and Indian healthcare industry, education, parenting, health and wellness. Total 7 years of work experience 5+ years in healthcare and 2+ years in Content writing Industry.