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Have a website or thinking about getting one? How do you make the decision of whether to hire someone to do the work for you or jumping in and doing it yourself? Well, there are several things to consider.

1. You don’t want to do it

First of all, there are some people that would like to have a website, but they want nothing to do with the details of it. This is an easy way to decide to hire someone else. You still need to have some input and contact with the designer, but you can leave it up to them.

2. You don’t have time to do it

Maybe you wouldn’t mind dabbling in designing your website, but you are so busy with the other aspects of your business. If you were to take the time to learn how to setup and design your website, it would take away from the earning power of your business. This would especially be the case if you work alone. You must ultimately decide how your time is best spent.

3. You are computer savvy

Maybe you are very familiar with computers. You use them every day, all day. You can do more than just a few basics. Learning to do some basic web design may be possible for you, but you must still balance your time with the effort you would have to put in. This does not mean you have to hire someone, but it may still be a good idea.

4. You are already familiar with web design

Maybe you have already dabbled with websites using some WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program or application. Maybe you have used a content management system such as WordPress. Maybe you have even dug a little bit into the coding. You may be able to take care of a basic site by yourself. With some guidance and help, you may be able to implement some more advanced features. In this case, consulting with a web designer or contracting part of the job may be a possibility for you.


Choosing whether or not to have someone else do part or all of the work for you is something that should be considered carefully. If you do it yourself, make sure that you study good web design practices. If you hire someone else, make sure to be informed so you can intelligently make decisions. Being informed will also lessen the chance of being taken advantage of.