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Mostly likely, you have surfed the World Wide Web, either for pleasure or business. You may have seen many different features, such as videos, audio clips, and interactive games. You may think it’s cool, but the thought of being involved in such an arena seems daunting. You think you need a website, otherwise you would probably not be reading this. You may not know you need one, but it is looming as a possibility.

The question in your mind is, “Why? Why do I even need a website?”

Some will say that everyone should have a website, but that may not necessarily be true. You must examine your own circumstances and needs. Here are four reasons that you may need a website:

1. You would like to increase your advertising exposure with minimal cost.

Having a website can be a great way to be able to advertise your product or services. The cost for traditional advertising can cost a fortune. Websites can be a very affordable – even free – way to advertise. Granted, free websites are not always as effective, but they can do something.

2. You have products that can be sold online and either shipped or downloaded.

There are many products that could be ordered online and then shipped to the customer. People have to be able to trust you enough to order the product without physically seeing or handling it, but it is a growing way that things are being purchased. You may also have something that someone may purchase and then download – maybe an e-book or some other document. This can be a great way to earn passive income.

3. You would like to share information with the rest of your company and/or customers

A website can be an efficient way of communicating information to a large group of people. It can be available to them at all times and referenced in the future. It can be easy for them to pass the information on to others as well.

A blog (short for “web log”) a popular way to share information in short snippets (300-500 words). “Blog” used to have a stigma of being unprofessional or amateurish, but things have changed quite a bit, and blogs are now a popular avenue for speakers, authors, and other competent leaders to share their knowledge and information with a large group of people.

4. You want to keep up with technology

Simply wanting to have a website is not enough reason to start one, but it is definitely the direction that the world is going. Even if you don’t have an immediate need for a website, it is not a bad idea to get your foot in the door. A domain name – the name to type in the address bar (i.e. – is a key element for a good web presence. Domain names are limited and “your” domain may not be available much longer. If this is the only reason, be careful about investing too much too early.


The decision to get a website is not a light matter. It does have to take serious consideration and planning to be done right.


Questions: Why do you think you need a website? If you already have one, what is the reason for having your website?