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Shawn Manaher is the host of the Author Hangout and the Sidepreneurs podcasts, and comes on today to share his tips about podcasting and podcast promotion. In episode 101 of the Sidepreneurs podcast, Shawn shared 101 tips that he has learned regarding podcasting.

Shawn start by sharing his best podcasting tips:

[Tweet “Absolutely everything will take long, be harder, and won’t matter as much as you think. – @ShawnManaher #podcasting”]

[Tweet “Create templates for everything. Systematize everything as much as possible. – @ShawnManaher #podcasting”]

Follow your routine!

What is the greatest tip that Shawn has been able to gather from the many interviews he’s done?

On his podcast, Shawn asks his guest what the number one thing that contributes to their ongoing success. A common answer among high-level performers is to have and follow a routine. This helps to get them in the flow and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of what they do.

Shawn’s promotion tips

  • New and Noteworthy in iTunes
  • Strategic tweeting 20+ times per day to connect with influencers
  • Create systems and utilize virtual assistants
  • Strategic posting on social media
  • Create Quote posts for each episode
  • Include an image with social media posts
  • Be consistent with your promotion

Bonus session next week

I originally planned on having this session conclude this series, but I feel compelled to bring one more. There are a lot of resources available to podcasters. I’m going to share some of those next week.

Semester 4

Over the summer, we’ll be having our Semester 4. These sessions will be scaled back some between June and August. I am working on getting back to the original intent of this site and podcast, which is to create resources that are easy for people to get and consume.

One of the resources will be some tutorials/courses about podcasting. I’ll be using some of the content from the podcast episodes that we have done in Semester 3, but there will be much more content as well. I will be creating several levels of accessibility to these: some will be completely free and available, some will be for those subscribed to the newsletter, and some may be used in a paid/premium course.

I am doing some podcast production, and I’d love to help you with your podcast. As a listener of this podcast, I will give you a discount if you use the code ‘CSA’ when you inquire about one of the three packages on