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Welcome to the Creative Studio! This is the podcast where we talk about and explore ways to experiment with podcasting. We are close to wrapping up our series on narrative or journalistic podcasting. This is the ninth episode in this series and we have one more after this. If you haven’t listened to the first eight episodes yet, I encourage you to do that first because we have already covered everything you need to create a narrative podcast.

In this episode, we are going to take the next step. We have already talked about the editing process and the fact that sometimes a lot of things get cut out of the final piece. We’ll be looking at some things we can consider doing with these pieces of audio that are left on the cutting room floor. Corey Coates and Jessica Rhodes from the Podcast Producers starts us off.


[Jessica R.]

[Dave x 2]

Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting can always be counted on to bring great thoughts. One concept I’ve heard him share about many times regarding editing is in reference to targeting only a certain length of time.

[Dave x 2]

Erik K. Johnson adds to the thought about repurposing audio for future episodes as well.


[Jessica R. and me]

I also had the thought that bloopers are another thing that could be used. Several podcasters I know of use this either regularly or sporadically. I know that bloopers on TV shows and movies are really popular, and I think they can be effective in audio as well.

Before we wrap up this short episode, I did want to mention a great new resource that you can get ahold of. Jessica Rhodes not only does The Podcast Producers with Corey, she also has her own show, Rhodes to Success, and her business, Interview Connections. One of her specialties is connecting podcast hosts with podcast guests. She helps to facilitate interviews on both sides, so she has written a book about how to rock the podcast from both sides of the mic.

Here are just some of the topics you’ll discover in this powerful book:

 *  Getting Started with Podcasting

 *  Positioning: The Power of Celebrity

 *  Rock the Interview

 *  Getting a Return on Your Investment

 *  How to Launch and Then Soar

 *  Leveraging the Power of Guest Interviews

 *  How to Monetize & Market

 *  Podcasting to Actually Grow Your Business

Plus, Jessica includes her exact, step-by-step blueprint and the resources she uses to make podcasts happen!

You can check out for more information.

The next episode will wrap up this series by sharing the different resources that can help you as you create a narrative podcast. In fact, many of these resources can help you with any podcast you create.

If you’ve found this series helpful, please share this with someone that you think could benefit! I look forward to talking with you again on the Creative Studio podcast! God bless!