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605: The Ups and Downs of Local Podcasting

Due to an increasing urge to get out of their office and talk about something other than horses on their podcast, Jaime and Glenn went from running Horse Radio Network to travelling across the state of Florida, developing valuable associations, gaining maximum exposure to the local community, establishing partnerships with the local media, and founding a popular local travel show called the Florida Podcast Network.

As they moved about interacting with multiple communities in Florida, recording everything from the background noises like the wind blowing and the birds chirping to knowledgeable discussions with diverse personalities – the Florida Podcast Network expanded and continuously gained popularity across the state. Today, the independently run show has transformed into an association and a network of an increasing number of podcasts on different topics – from Beach Talk Radios and a Beer Podcast to the Florida Podcasting News. It continues to grow and gain more fame across varying communities.

What helped their network establish itself dynamically were their tireless efforts to support it while developing valuable and productive relationships with the local organizations and businesses. Both Glenn and Jaime have valuable advice to offer to other shows, and they have highlighted and emphasized the importance of relationship building as well as exposure to the community in making a podcast popular.


Find out how Florida Podcast Network started and progressed as a local travel show, the efforts, struggles, and investment it took to start such a podcast, and how travelling around helped them collaborate with the local community, develop valuable relationships, associations, and partnerships that formed the dynamic platform that they now possess.

Get valuable insight on how the Florida Podcast Network expanded to include multiple shows on different topics and how they boosted their exposure as well as their popularity. Listen to the sincere and professional advice offered by Jaime and Glenn to all other local podcasts. Find out what makes a local podcast show successful, why it is important to get out of your office and collaborate with the community, and how relationship building can help you get more popularity.


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